Grandmother and child sitting on bench

April 22, 2022

Building Safe Spaces Online

With today’s ever-changing world, we know that it can be difficult to keep-up with safety online. We also know that it’s more important than ever to try.

But kids can’t do it alone. Remember, it’s our job as adults to keep kids safe. By working together, having open discussions, and validating experiences and emotions, we can build safer spaces online for everyone.

Safety Scenarios

Talking through possible scenarios is one way to talk with your child about online spaces and to provides the opportunity to find solutions together. 

Normalizing discussions about consent, boundaries, and online safety in everyday conversations will make it easier for the children in your life to come to you when they need to the most. 

Keep in mind that some scenarios may be more subtle for certain age groups. Below are some examples; feel free to use these, make your own, or model off of the ideas listed! 

What would you do if…

  1. A person you don’t recognize tries to add you on social media (Tik Tok, Instagram, etc.)
  1. Someone your gaming with wants to know where you live
  1. Someone you’ve been talking to online offers you a gift, like free airpods
  1. Your friend wants you to go with him to meet someone he’s been talking to online
  1. Someone your friend added online starts messaging her a lot, almost constantly
  1. An inappropriate video popped up while you were watching a video by your favorite YouTuber
  1. Your new boyfriend asks you to show your private body on Facetime
  1. Someone in your grade forwards a private video of another classmate to you
  1. Your girlfriend said she’d only ask for one private photo, but now she keeps asking for more
  1. You’re feeling uncomfortable around someone, but aren’t sure why

Additional Resources

Looking for more ways to help your child navigate online spaces more safely? Check out PCAR’s tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online and other resources for support.

You can also download  and share our printable pocket card with tips and info.